About didden antiques

Didden antiques is an antique dealer with many years of experience in
the field of Chinese antiques, mainly Chinese porcelain. Thanks to years
of experience, Didden antiques can make a good distinction between
authentic pieces and copies, which is a must today to act as a dealer of
Chinese antiques. Due to his many connections with other Chinese
experts, he can always ask for a second opinion from one of his
acquaintances when in doubt. This allows us to assess our objects very
well to ensure that our customers get what they expect.

  • Go with experience

    A reliable partner in obtaining authentic pieces with a correct distinction between antique, vintage and modern objects.

  • Get what you expect

    every item we sell has been carefully checked. This makes our descriptions very accurate with very detailed photos to describe the object as well as possible.

  • Safe packaging

    didden antiques has years of experience in packaging fragile objects and shipping worldwide. You can count on each object to receive the right packaging.

  • track&trace


    Each package is sent with a track & trace code. This allows you as a customer to follow up your package during transport

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